Training is important for property services management because it helps project managers develop the necessary employee skills and knowledge to effectively manage properties and meet the needs of tenants and property owners.

Also, training will help project managers develop leadership skills, stay updated on industry trends, maximize efficiency, and provide exceptional service to tenants and property owners.

Therefore, BPSI took the initiative to hold several trainings such as training discussing “Business Development and Company Value/Culture” which was presented by Ms. Carina Ifelny as a Business Development Manager and Ms. Ervina Huang as a Human Resources Specialist. Also, the training was about “How to Be a Successful Manager: 6 Skills Improve to Improve” and was presented by Mr. Joe Huang as a General Manager of BPSI.

BPSI hopes that there will be an improvement in employees of Indonesian’s regional skills and knowledge to be able to contribute better in the future to the company.

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