To celebrate the 78th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia on August 17. BPSI took the initiative to hold various kinds of competitions that children, youth, and adults can participate in for Sky House BSD+ on Saturday, August 19th 2023 and healthy activities (Zumba class, Mini MCU Bethsaida, BSKIN Beauty Class) for Sky House Alam Sutera+ on Thursday, August 17th 2023. It strengthened nationalism and raised our fighting spirit same as the theme of our independence “Terus Melaju Untuk Indonesia Maju”.

August 17th is Indonesian Independence Day, celebrated every year on August 17th. This important historical event was achieved after struggling through resistance, negotiations, and a long political struggle. On the August 17 anniversary, the Indonesian nation celebrates with nationalism and patriotism. This celebration is often filled with various activities and events showcasing the clarity of Indonesian culture, art, and traditions.

BPSI held one of our special events, namely Indonesia’s Independence Day for the residents of Sky House Alam Sutera+ with the theme “Merdeka Sehat: Groove Your Way to a Happy Life!” and Sky House BSD+ with the theme “One Heart, One Indonesia: Achieving The Independence with New Spirit!”.

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